A screen-printed poster series for Music Animated, a puppet concert series at In the Heart of the Beast Puppet and Mask Theatre.
Puppeteers and musicians collaborate to create an immersive experience similar to a live music video. In October 2016, puppet artist Bart Buch and Dosh reflect the positive, passionate stories of Phillips and Powderhorn Neighborhoods.
The series returns in February 2017 for its second installment, which features the Minnesota-based duo Dreamland Faces. Bart Buch directs as puppeteers Seth Eberle, Masanari Kawahara, Angela Olson, and Laurie Witzkowski join the band onstage, creating a spectacle similar to a live music video or a musician accompanying a silent film.
The wordless chronicle delves into the history of South Minneapolis as visual echoes of the past are synchronized with the music. Dreamland Faces drives the narrative with mesmerizing compositions that conjure forgotten scenes by way of accordion, cello, piano, coronet, and musical saw.
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